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The Right Data at the Right Time and in the Right Format… Coming to you!

Sparta Global ARBs™

Automatic and live Global ARB calculator with a live feed of physical, paper and shipping prices

Sparta Global ARBs™ Sparta Global ARBs™

Sparta Cloud Blender™

Price discovery made easy with our Cloud based blender running multiple blends simultaneously and continuously.

Sparta Cloud Blender™

Live Curves

Sparta's Live Curves give you access to more than 250 oil swaps from crude to petroleum products. Access all the swaps that you want anywhere, anytime, and live.

Sparta Live Curves™

Freight Calculator

Up to date prompt and forward freight rates for all your favourite routes

Freight Calculator


“This is a game changer”

– Med gasoline trader

“Wow, Gasoline Trading 2.0”

– Gasoline trader

“An Awesome tool, I recommend”

– Oil trader at Latam Oil Major

“Great tool - very easy to use and understand. Incredibly useful and offers another layer of mkt interpretation and prediction.”

– Ship Broker

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Make faster and smarter trading decisions

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