About Us

Trading is all about making decisions.

At Sparta, our purpose is to apply the latest technology and provide oil traders with only the most relevant and actionable data to make faster and smarter trading decisions. With more than 37 years in oil trading, Miles and Felipe believed the days of 300 emails per day, individual spreadsheets, endless copy-pasting and depending on others for a piece of information should be something of the past. Traders need to always have live and actionable market data at their fingertips to react faster than competition and grab more opportunities.

Both founders teamed up with Luis, our CTO to harness the power of technology to provide simple, yet powerful and mobile friendly solutions for traders to gain a competitive edge and grab more market opportunities.

In business, we need data to make informed decisions. Sparta focuses on harnessing the power of the latest Technology to Collect, Process and Analyse only the most actionable oil market price data for you to unlock your full trade potential.

The leadership team

Felipe Elink Shuurman

Co-Founder and CEO

Felipe drives strategic vision and growth. Before Sparta Felipe worked and traded for BP, Vertical and Gunvor.

Miles Moseley

Co-Founder and COO

Miles leads daily operations at Sparta. He makes sure ideas get converted into realities. Before Sparta Miles worked and traded for BP.

Luis Ibañez

CTO and Product Owner

Luis leads the Technical and product team at Sparta. Before Sparta Luis worked as a developer for 10 years and building tech teams for 5 years.

And this is just the beginning…

Make faster and smarter trading decisions

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