Commodity Owner – Freight

Sparta Commodities is a Swiss VC backed Startup with subsidiaries in Spain, UK, and US. Sparta focuses on providing only actionable pricing and insights to commodity traders. It has the ambition to digitise the market and to become the leading end-to-end platform for traders in all commodity verticals.


To design, create, implement, and own the architecture and Roadmap of Sparta’s wet freight product offering that will attract at least 90 users in the first 3 years. Set up a A-Grade team in Europe, US, and Asia to cater for regional customer needs.


As a Commodity Owner you will be the architect of new product development for Sparta’s suite of shipping products which are both stand alone and a key part of Sparta’s Global Arb product. You will be the industry expert that will provide the guidelines to both the CTO and the Product Owners to develop the features and tools that users need to make faster and better decisions. You will be assisted by consultants (former ship charterers/owners/brokers) that will provide the pain points and needs users have and, in collaboration with the Product Owners, you will develop the features and tools needed by them. As an example, Sparta has developed a Freight Calculator and a Global Arb calculator. As the tool develops and a historical database is built you will be responsible for finding ways of combining this new data with external source data to provide analysis to our users. You will also be in contact with customers to follow the market trends and needs. You will collaborate with sales and Customer Success for client onboarding and demo calls.

Desired Outcomes

  1. Design, create and implement the architecture of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for clean products freight trading tools needed and desired by owners, charterers, and brokers within 120 days of start date
    • Collect customer needs and feedback with the help of external consultant.
    • Design a comprehensive plan of all the features most needed by the industry and devise an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
    • Collaborate with the product team on the implementation and execution of the MVP within the above-mentioned time frame.

  2. Post MVP launch, collaborate with Sales, marketing, Product and Management teams to ensure 30-50 new users per year for the next 3 years
    • Become the focal point between Sales, customers, management, and product team to ensure the offered products meets customers’ needs and generates sales.
    • Complement our existing data set with external sources of data to make our product offering more robust and with clearer insights.
    • Extend the offering to dirty product freight
    • Work closely with the data analyst team to automate the extraction of trading insights from our databases.
    • Be in constant communication with existing and potential customers to ensure the product meets their needs and if not come up with new ideas that could address their needs.
    • Have ownership for the tool and ensure it is kept it up to date with any changes in the market and fix any errors from either your checking, working with the quality assurance team or from user feedback.
    • Collaborate with Sales and Customer Success as the technical expert on client onboarding and demo calls.

  3. Prepare and plan the 3-5 year strategy for freight trading tools suite of products by the end of year two
    • Collaborate and guide the data science team on the outcomes desired by customers on quantitative analysis and market predictions.
    • Plan and strategize the next generation of freight tools based on long term needs of customers (Emissions, Greenhouse Gas savings,  etc).

  4. Top-Grade the Wet Freight Commodity Owner team globally by end of year two
    • Hire the required A- Player talent to assist you on planning and execution.

Job Summary

Employment Status: Full-time

Experience: Senior

Job Location: 100% Remote (Switzerland, UK or Spain)